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Guided tours for groups

Organize your own itinerary for your stay in Rothenburg by booking guided tours in advance. You choose the time and place where to meet (for example your hotel). The customary meeting point is the fountain in the Market Square. Please note the specified maximum group size for your tour, as well as the opening times of any of the places you want to visit during the tour.

Possible languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian, Russian, Japanese, Czech, Lithuanian



Tours must be booked either in writing or electronically (e.g. fax or Email). We recommend to make a booking request at least 4 weeks in advance. Invoices to customers with domiciled abroad are not possible! For invoicing German customers we're adding a surcharge of 5,00 Euro per tour. Billing is only possible by prepayment.

Tours bookable through Rothenburg Tourismus

The following tours are organized by Rothenburg Tourismus Service and can be booked in writing about this office.

Guided Tour No. 1

This tour through the historic Old Town offers an overview of the various aspects and epochs of the history of Rothenburg.

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Guided Tour No. 2

Tour of the historic Old Town (like Tour No. 1) including a visit of the St. Jakob's Church with the altarpiece by Riemenschneider and more art treasures.

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Tour with the Nightwatchman

Accompany the Nightwatchman on his entertaining and informative rounds through the darkness.

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Town Fortifications

This tour is dedicated to outstanding defensive works, like the town wall with battlements, tall towers and gates.

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Tours bookable through external providers

The following tours are organized by external companies and must be booked via the provided address. They operate under the indicated name and trade for own account.

Tours through the old town

Tour with a rickshaw or E-Oldtimer.

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Retracing Jewish History in Rothenburg

Discover the traces left behind by Jewish culture in the Middle Ages and in the 20th century!

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Church Tour of St. James

Open your eyes for one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Rothenburg! Tours with different topics and tours for children are available.

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How tourism discovered Rothenburg

In this tour you will learn, how Rothenburg did become such a big tourist destination.

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Jerusalem in Franconia

Special guided tour about Passion- and Eastertide in Rothenburg.

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Medieval Ghost-Tour with the executioner

An historically accurate, entertaining tour of superstition, justice and the "curative arts".

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Jolly stories of Drunkards, Good-for-nothings and Womenfolk

Jolly stories from the Middel Ages told by a biting bit.

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The Patrician Courtyards

Special themed tour on the special features of the former imperial city of Rothenburg.

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Walburga's time journey

Accompany Walburga and experience in the craftsman's house how a family lived around 1500.

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Rothenburg during the Thirty Years' War

Rothenburg was in the eye of the storm from 1631 onwards during the Thirty Years' War.

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