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Rothenburg Tower Trail


Learn more about Rothenburg's town fortification gates and towers. Videos now available!

The Röder Gate is one of the five main gates in the outer town fortifications of Rothenburg.

The Gallows Gate got its name, from the gallows that stood outside the gate in the so-called “Little-Head Meadow”.

The Klingen Gate is the northern entrance to the town and, along with the fortified Church of St. Wolfgang, forms the fortifications of the Klingen Gate bastion.

The fortified castle gate which was built around 1460 is the western gate system with the highest gate tower of Rothenburg’s town fortifications.

The place known as Kobolzell, which once lay in the Tauber Valley, lent its name to the Kobolzeller Gate.

“Pax intrantibus, salus exeuntibus”, - “Peace to those who enter, salvation to those who leave”. This is the inscription with which the Spital Gate, greets its visitors.


Marcus Tower with Röderbogen and the fountain is a popular photo in Rothenburg.

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Rathausturm (Town Hall Tower)

The Town Hall Tower is the tallest tower in the city with a viewing platform.

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Rödertor Bastei
Rödertor Bastei
Blick vom Rödertor-Turm auf die Bastei
Blick vom Rödertor-Turm auf die Bastei
Wehrkirche St. Wolfgang
Wehrkirche St. Wolfgang
Wehrgang mit Geschützstand
Wehrgang mit Geschützstand

When was the last time you escaped on holiday?
I mean, really escaped ... like into a world that took you back centuries – into the wonders of medieval Germany.

With so many ancient towers, the ROTHENBURG TOWER WALK lets you do just that!

On the circular route around the historic old town center of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, you can enjoy a unique interplay of medieval town fortifications, panoramic landscapes, and the delights of Franconian nature.

This walk will give you the best souvenir possible: a lifelong memory. And it’s free. Thanks for joining us and exploring the ramparts of Rothenburg.


In the Old Town, 46 surviving towers still demonstrate the importance of Rothenburg in its heyday. Because of its wealth and relative importance in the Middle Ages, Rothenburg needed to be well-fortified.

On this circular tour around the boundary of the Old Town, 40 different towers and tower gateways tell an amazing story of a remarkable city.


This 4-kilometer walk (about 2.5 miles) around the Old Town can be taken in either direction. Along the route – which takes about two hours – you’ll find 22 points where information displays explain, in English and German, about the towers and gates, the fortifications, the surrounding nature and landscapes, the history of the town, and the most important visible historical structures.







Brochure Rothenburg Tower Trail

You can also purchase the accompanying illustrated brochure on the "Rothenburg Tower Trail" with additional information (bonus material) about the towers and gates of the first city fortification of the 13th century in the Tourist Information Office at the Town Hall.

While this guided walk is the most informative and important for understanding the actual city, there are a number of other routes, for hikers and bikers, that lead directly off from the Tower Walk and might be an enjoyable follow-up to this tour. They include the following:

Rathaus mit Rathausturm
Rathaus mit Rathausturm
Blick vom Rödertor-Turm
Blick vom Rödertor-Turm
  • The Scenic Trail, with fabulous views down the enchanting Tauber Valley and several places to stop for a drink or snack;
  • The Wine and Geological Trail, through the vineyards;
  • The Tauber Mill Path, past a variety of historic mills;
  • The path through the Rothenburg "Wildbad", formerly a historic health spa and today an attractively located seminar center with refreshment facilities at the weekends;
  • The Water Resource Nature Trail, through the Schandtauber Valley to Bettenfeld; and
  • Numerous long-distance trails, walks, and pilgrimage routes.


You can find further suggestions about tours in the brochure "The Rothenburg Rambling Experience", which you can pick up at the Tourist Information office.



Blick Richtung Klingentor-Turm
Blick Richtung Klingentor-Turm
Johanniter-Turm und -Scheune
Johanniter-Turm und -Scheune

How to walk the Tower Trail?

The main route and the Adventure Trails can be taken in both directions. If you don‘t have enough time for a complete circuit, you can do the route in stages. We recommend starting the walk at one of the main gates: Röder Gate, Gallows Gate, Klingen Gate, Castle Gate, Kobolzeller Gate, or Spital Gate.


The main route, with 22 points around the town fortifications, is 4 kilometers, or about 2.5 miles. It takes about two hours and is, apart from a couple of steep points, almost completely barrier-free. On the main route, you‘ll pass through the greenbelt that surrounds the Old Town and leads down into the Tauber Valley.


Adventure Trails complement the main route. These lead you, for example, in nature through the Castle Gardens, or along the Wine and Geology Nature Trail, part of which takes you along the 1,900-meter-long (1.1-mile) covered battlement walk. The journey time depends on the route and ranges about 20 minutes for the way over the battlement walk up to 1 1/2 hours over Tauber valley or several hours over the Geology Nature Trail. This route is not barrier-free (parts are steep, and it has steps).


This brochure also contains information about the towers and gates of the first town fortifications in the 13th century, such as the Blue Tower, which no longer exists; White Tower; Markus Tower, with its »Röder Arch«; and the Red Tower, which is also long gone. This explanatory information can only be found in this brochure. The gate towers (or their former locations) can all be reached within the town walls, barrier-free. These are all indicated on the overview map by the numbers 22 to 26.


The walk also has generous benches, inviting you to linger over views of town and the surrounding nature. Seven public toilets are located along the course of the Tower Walk, or within short walking distance of the town walls (see overview map). Families with children can stop for a while at the various playgrounds along the way. These are conveniences the original Rothenburgers didn’t even dream of providing to foreigners like you – but today’s citizens of this fine town would have it no other way. Enjoy your walk around our town!



Übersichtsplan Rothenburger Turmweg
Übersichtsplan Rothenburger Turmweg

List of Points of Interest

Outer Ring / Newer Town Defenses
1 Röder Gate Rödertor
2 Women`s Tower Weiberturm
3 Gallows Gate Galgentor
4 Kummereck Kummereck
5 Powder Tower Pulverturm
6 Klingen Gate Klingentor
7 Punishment Tower Strafturm
8 Dominican Convent Dominikanerinnenkloster
9 Castle Gardens Vor dem Burggarten
10 Castle Gate Burgtor
11 Scenic View of Countryside Landschaftspanorama
12 Castle Gardens View Burggartenblick
13 Wine and Geological Trail
Wein- und Gesteinslehrpfad
14 Scenic Trail Panoramaweg
15 An der Eich Viewpoint An der Eich
16 Kobolzeller Gate Kobolzeller Tor
17 Chalk Tower Kalkturm
18 Sow Tower Sauturm
19 Spital Gate Spitaltor
20 Little Star Tower Kleiner Stern
21 Siever`s Tower Siebersturm
22 Ruckesser Tower Ruckesser

Inner Ring / First Town Defenses
23 Blue Tower / Inner Klingen Gate
Blauer Turm / Inneres Klingentor
24 White Tower / Inner Gallows Gate
Weißer Turm / Inneres Galgentor
25 Markus Tower with Röder Arch
Markusturm mit Röderbogen
26 Red Tower Roter Turm




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