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Towers and gates in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Enjoy a close encounter with the past in Rothenburg’s historic town center.


The perfectly intact town walls are larded with towers and gateways. These were of vital importance when it came to protecting Rothenburg from its enemies. In some cases, attackers would have to pass through up to seven gates before they could enter the town.


As you walk around the historic town, you will see many of the 42 gate houses and towers. We have compiled a selection of the loveliest and most historically important towers and gates for you here:

Burgtor (Castle Gate)

Reason for the construction of Burgtor was a natural disaster in Rothenburg. The gate is the entrance to the castle garden.

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Galgentor (Gallows Gate)

The gallows stood once outside the gate, and gave the gate its name.

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Klingentor (Klingen Gate)

The 30 meter high tower receives from the 16th Century served the city as a water tower.

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Kobolzeller Tor (Kobolzell Gate)

Through the gate there is a steep over down to the river Tauber.

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Markusturm (Marcus Tower)

Marcus Tower with Röderbogen and the fountain is a popular photo in Rothenburg.

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Rathausturm (Town Hall Tower)

The Town Hall Tower is the tallest tower in the city with a viewing platform.

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Rödertor (Röder Gate)

Two beautiful little guardhouse flank the front gate of the Rödertors.

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Spitaltor (Spital Gate)

The Spitaltor is the newest and most powerful bulwark of the fortification.

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