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The original preserved monastery kitchen in the Imperial Town Museum.
The original preserved monastery kitchen in the Imperial Town Museum.

Urban history – Painting – Sculpture – Handicraft – Jewish History – Early History – Baumann Foundation


Experience the Rothenburg of past centuries up close and personal! The beautiful and tranquil RothenburgMuseum presents an impressive array of historical and cultural artifacts.

Since 1936, the museum has been housed in the former Dominican convent, which was dissolved in 1544. How did the nuns live here? Historical living quarters and, in particular, the well-preserved 13th century convent kitchen offers an arresting insight into their everyday lives. The convent kitchen is the oldest of its kind known today. The pride of place in the museum goes to the panels of the Rothenburg Passion, created in 1494 by Martinus Schwarz. A tour of the museum will also take in the internationally renowned Baumann Foundation. This traces the history of weaponry in Europe from the Stone Age to the 19th Century and includes high-quality weapons, faience ware, tin, models and locks. Among the highlights of the collection are hunting guns used by Marie Antoinette and Fredrick the Great.


The Judaica Department is particularly noteworthy. Artifacts from Rothenburg’s Jewish culture are presented here. The exhibition tells the story of Rothenburg’s heyday in the Middle Ages, which also marked the blossoming of Jewish culture, without shying away from the waves of dispossession and expulsion that began in the 13th century, eventually culminating in the Holocaust of the 20th century.


The top floor houses a picture gallery where visitors can immerse themselves in the atmospheric collection of painter Arthur Wasse.


Opening times

January - March: closed

April - October: daily 9.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

November – December daily 1.00 – 4.00 p.m.

(Subject to change)





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